Emu Tea-light Holder



Height: 33cm

Due to the emu being handmade, please be aware the colours may differ slightly from the ones pictured.

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Fair Trade Artisan: Kaka – Metal Ornaments

Fair Trade Artisan: Kaka

My name is Kaka. I am 29 years old and I live in Indonesia. I craft objects from metal – often funny ones! I used to work alone, but now I employ my brother and I have taught him the art of metalwork as my business is expanding due to trading with the western world. Working fairly with other countries has given our work due acknowledgement, as previously my hard work did not pay well at all. When I started being involved with Fair Trade I started to get a good amount for my work which not only pays me income, but allows me to save for the future. I feel fortunate to be working with international companies and I hope to expand my business further by employing more craftsmen to improve their lives just as mine has been.


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