Lavender Coconut Candle


Lavender Coconut Candle is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Height: 8cm approx

Diameter: 9cm approx


This is an aromatic coconut candle, 100% natural, long lasting and ecologically sound with the essential oil of lavender.

This candle will burn for to up 35 hours and is a Fair Trade product in a recycled box. It contains 3.5% of natural essential oils and 180 grams of palm oil wax provided by Planet Coconut. In accordance with the Green palm program of producing Palm Oil in a sustainable manner.

Place the coconut candle on its base on a flat surface, with the wick upright prior to lighting. Do not light the wick if the candle is not secure on its base. Do not leave the candle within reach of children or animals. Never leave candles alight with no one present. Also do not leave a lighted candle near inflammable materials such as curtains, paper, chemical products, aerosols and gas containers etc.

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