Below are a range of unique, handmade, ethical and eco-friendly gifts from across the world. 

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Fair Trade Gifts

All of our fair trade gifts are made by artisans across the globe, or sourced from talented independent UK artists. The central aim is to support these artists, giving them a fair price so they can continue pursuing their passions and making these passions into their livelihood.

We have all kinds of recycled and environmentally friendly gifts for more subtle or flamboyant tastes and for men, women and children alike. Our range of gifts for children includes finger puppets, animal models and dreamcatchers. For men, we have bottle openers, bracelets and spectacle stands. Then, for our gifts for women, we have bags, jewellery and jewellery boxes, just to name a few. This is obviously just a small fraction of our extensive range of gifts and we also sell cards for all occasions.

If you’re stuck on what to get someone for their birthday, Christmas, or just for the sake of giving them a gift, perhaps look into buying a fair trade gift this time. Lovers of ethically made and sourced products will be in their element receiving a gift from Voyage Fair Trade. However, even if your loved one has never displayed a particular affinity for eco-friendly gifts before, it is never too late to get them interested. The selection of gifts we offer is beautiful and unique, and buying one of them will help talented creators in disadvantaged circumstances.

We have a wide variety of gifts, catering to all tastes, ages and occasions. Birthdays, festive holidays and anniversaries are suddenly starting to look more ethical and sustainable. Plus, the present buying can all be sorted in a few clicks. Some of our fair trade gifts are more practical so there’s no harm in gifting something to yourself.

Have a browse and discover the perfect fair trade gift for you!

71 results