Voyage Fair Trade helping artisans all around the world

Voyage Fair Trade

Trading unique gifts with artisans around the world

Voyage Fair Trade sells the most unique fair trade gifts. Established in 2013 Voyage Fair Trade opened our first independent, fair trade gift shop in 2014 in the sunny seaside town of Teignmouth in the center of the Arts Quarter. We sell unique ornaments, gifts, homeware, fashion accessories and jewellery. Our aim is to improve the livelihoods of disadvantaged artisans in developing countries by importing and selling their ethical products, while at the same time allowing them to keep their traditional skills and cultures alive. Click to see our fair trade gifts

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What is Fair trade?

When many people think of Fair Trade, they think of consumable items like bananas and coffee. It’s true fair trade organisations support many farmers and food producers. However, they also support skilled artisans, be it wood carvers, bag sewers or the makers of dream-catchers.

From metal ‘magic’ bowls, which change shape to trendy contemporary lamps! We are always trying to find new, unique products and designs. Make sure you always check out our latest products.

Our Artisans & Organisations

We buy most of our products from suppliers, artisans and co-operatives who are members of the World Fair Trade Organisation.  Also we are given recommendations of other groups by World Fair Trade Organisation members.

Many of these suppliers have been set up as fair trade, groups, co-operative or organisations to help small-scale producers or sole-traders to export effectively. As a result this helps these workers to develop their products and sell on larger markets like the UK.

Recently, we have started to do business with individual UK artists who create ceramics, furniture and fixings and artworks. We only sell high quality items and all the our UK products have been handmade.  Click here to see a list of products we are selling for UK artisans on our online shop.


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