In this collection, you will find high-quality fair trade homeware for your home and garden. Many of our furnishings are handmade from recycled and upcycled materials.

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These home furnishings and accessories have been handmade by independent UK artisans and ethical, fair trade organisations from across the globe.

Our fair trade homeware is perfect to give away as gifts to ethically-minded family and friends, but you may find it hard to part with these beautiful items so we recommend keeping some for yourself!

Voyage Fair Trade strives to give you a wide selection of handmade homeware, as not only do we want you to buy into the ethical ethos of Fair Trade, but we also want you to love your product and get joy from it. Each addition to your home should tell a unique story, and you will definitely find that with our homewares. All of our products are exquisitely designed, as well as sustainable and eco-friendly.

In our collection of homeware and garden furnishings, we have items for each area of your home: from bowls and chicken egg baskets for your kitchen to cotton birdhouses and plant pots for your garden. We even have photo frames made of pencils and fragrant candles. In other words, there is something for everyone and for every occasion. We have some practical and some decorative items, meaning these can be bought out of necessity or for special occasions.

Have a look through our homeware products - you’re guaranteed to find something unique and befitting to you and your needs. After all, these fair trade items are not the average home furnishings that you find on the high street - they are wonderfully unique. In purchasing them, you are contributing to hardworking people from all over the world having a better quality of life and fair pay for their work.

28 results