Metal Scorpion Ornament
Bike Chain and Nut Scorpion Model
Bike Chain and Nut Scorpion

Metal Scorpion Ornament

  • This amazing scorpion is cleverly made from recycled bike chains, nuts and bike parts.
  • A fabulous recycling idea created by fair trade artisans in Moradabad, India.
  • A perfect gift for someone who cares for the planet and who also loves scary scorpions!
  • Height: 14cm x Length: 18cm x Width: 12cm.
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  • Description

    Introducing our extraordinary fair trade scorpion ornament, handcrafted from recycled bicycle parts!

    A fun, quirky (and maybe a bit scary!) ornament made from recycled bike chains and bike parts in the shape of a scorpion handcrafted in India by artisans employed by the fair trade organisation Noah's Ark. Made from recycled bike chains, and bike parts. These quirky and eco-friendly masterpieces are perfect for prople who appreciate sustainable craftsmanship. Each purchase supports local artisans and promotes fair trade practices. Embrace creativity and sustainability with our one-of-a-kind scorpions!

    Scorpion Fact:

    The cool fact about scorpions is that they can glow under ultraviolet (UV) light! This eerie glow, known as fluorescence, occurs because of certain chemicals in their exoskeleton that react to UV light. While the exact purpose of this glow is still a mystery, some scientists believe it might help scorpions find each other, deter predators, or protect themselves from sunlight. So, if you ever find yourself exploring the desert with a UV flashlight, you might spot these nocturnal creatures glowing eerily in the dark!


    Width: 18cm 
    Height: 13cm
    Depth: 12cm

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