Pencil Crayons Photo Frame
Pencil Crayons Photo Frame
Pencil Crayons Photo Frame

Pencil Crayons Photo Frame

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  • fits 4 x 6" photos / pictures
  • A wooden frame adorned with recycled colored pencil crayons, showcases a vibrant, artistic design.
  • Can be displayed in both portrait & landscape, offering versatility for your cherished memories.
  • Protected by glass glazing, preserving your precious photo.
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    This is a clever recycling idea: a photo frame using pencils.

    These pencils are factory rejects and are collected from a town 200km from Delhi and then skillfully attached to a wooden photo frame by artisans employed by the Fair Trade organisation Aspirations International

    Product Features:

    • Hey there, lovely! So, guess what? This cool frame I found for your pics is made from these awesome colored pencil crayons that were originally rejects from a factory in a small town just outside Delhi. They're doing this rad recycling thing, and I'm all about it.


      The frame is perfect for your 4 x 6" pics, you know, those special moments you want to show off. It's not too big either, just 17 x 22 cm, so it won't take up a ton of space. Plus, it's like a burst of color for your home.
    • And get this, it's all about sustainable living. They take these rejected materials and turn them into this stunning piece of art. Crafted by fair trade artisans in India, each frame is made with mad skill and dedication.
    • It's not just a frame; it's a vibe. Adds a pop of creativity to your home, and people are gonna notice. The best part? It's got a story – those factory rejects that would've been trash are now this vibrant memory mosaic.

    Oh, and heads up, since it's handmade, there might be a few slight variations. But that just adds to its charm, you know? So, go ahead, showcase your pics, and be part of this awesome journey towards a more sustainable future. How cool is that?

    Elevate your photo display with the enchanting Pencil Photo Frame and indulge in the beauty of recycled art. Join us in celebrating ethical practices and supporting artisans who strive to make a positive impact. With our hassle-free returns and free delivery for orders over £20 and under 25kg, you can confidently embrace this eco-friendly and visually captivating addition to your home.

      Fair Trade Organisation: Aspiration International



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