Treecreeper Bird Model
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Treecreeper Bird Model

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  • A skillfully carved and hand painted model of a Treecreeper.
  • Made from sustainable, tropical wood in Indonesia.
  • Fair Trade
  • Height: 13cm x Length: 16cm
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    Bring the beauty of nature indoors with our Albesia Wood Treecreeper, lovingly handcrafted by skilled fair trade artisans. This captivating piece captures the essence of these fascinating birds in intricate detail. Perched on a wooden stand, it adds a touch of rustic charm to your home decor. Crafted from sustainable Albesia wood, it reflects our commitment to environmental responsibility. 

    TREECREEPER FACTS: The treecreeper is small, very active, bird that lives in trees. It has a long, slender, downcurved bill. It is speckly brown above and mainly white below. It breeds in the UK and is resident here. Birds leave their breeding territories in autumn but most range no further than 20 km. Its population is mainly stable.

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