Fair Trade and the Textile Industry

Fair Trade and the Textile Industry

I think, by now most of us are aware of the effect the textile industry has on the planet, contributing to nearly 10% of global emissions annually, polluting rivers and communities with the chemicals used in the production line.

Fair Trade is better for the environment

Fair Trade is better for the Environment & the Textile Industry

Fair trade aims to promote eco friendly practices, reduced water usage, lower carbon emissions, prevent the use of harmful chemicals, create more organic farming and using sustainable materials.  When buying fairtrade textiles/fabrics, clothes etc, you get the guarantee that all materials are manufactured in places that practice fair labour standards, and the materials used meet fair trade standards.

What can we do to help?

What can we do to help the Textile Industry?


Buy responsibly and with thought. Most textiles, especially in the fashion industry end up in landfill, so we could reduce our fabric waste by donating clean items in good condition, to charity shops. I love having a good rummage in the charity shops and have come away with many good quality items. (One persons waste is another persons treasure!!) Or even clothes swap parties with friends.

I feel quite proud that I haven't purchased "new" items of clothing for 2 years (apart from underwear and socks!). I enjoy cutting up old t shirts and knitting or crocheting them into garments, unpicking old knit ware and making them into "new" items such as jumpers, woven rugs or wall hangings. How about turning unwanted items into quilts? (not tried that myself but i have seen some beautiful makes.). I have a friend who turns worn out jeans into bags, they are amazing! She assures me they are easy to do, but I haven't tried that yet.

In 1943, during the second world war, the government started a make do and mend campaign, maybe its time to go back to that and have a make do, mend or recycle lifestyle to reduce consumption and save resources. 

Something that always fills me with happiness is, when I offer a customer a bag at our phyiscal shop in Teignmouth is vast majority say no and use their own ones and say "save your bags" and make another coment about not wanting to waste resources. 

When buying new textile items, look for natural fabrics which are biodegradable and sustainable, such as wool, hemp, organic cotton, bamboo, linen, ramie, jute and coir. Many businesses are now using recycled materials for fabrics and textiles from plastic bottles, wool, vegetables and fruit, wood, nylon, cotton, rubber, leather and even fishing nets, we even sell recycled shrimp net necklaces from Brazil!

Buying better, wasting less

Here at Voyage Fair Trade we are curating products made from recycled or sustainable materials, from denim earrings in our jewellery, cotton and leather in our rugs, saris in our cleaning cloths to our popular bamboo socks. Natural stone, metal and sustainable wood. In fact all of our products are sustainable or recycled. We source with thought for our world. Lets look after it!

Denim Jewellery
Denim Jewellery we sell at our shop in Teignmouth.


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