Be Part Of The Pollution Solution

Be Part Of The Pollution Solution!

The Voyage Mission

We are on a mission! As research suggests, if we could all make small changes, a difference could be made to our planet. As a business, we are committed to sustainability, from the makers through to the packaging of the products you buy are wrapped in.

The artisans, at the start of the sustainability chain, craft their unique products using unwanted items along with sustainable wood and other plant based materials such as bamboo, loofah and jute. Recycled cotton, sari offcuts, even faulty bike parts!

Fair Trade Artisan working with used metal to create unique upcycled goods

Transportation globally accounts for 15% of all CO2 emissions, and is likely to rise to 50% by 2050 if no changes are made. Fortunately, bio fuels are used to transport the products to us by land, sea, and air, offsetting CO2 emissions.

We get very excited when our deliveries arrive, it's always a big event for us, uncovering new products, and familiar favourites! The packaging is always carefully sorted out, separating the cardboard, shredded paper, packing chips, and biodegradable plant based bioplastic bags, all of which is compostable!   We then reuse this in the shop or for packing your orders. Occasionally we use a special bubble wrap which is biodegradable for more delicate items.

So, as you can see, we are doing our very best to tackle climate change, and fair trade around the world.

We also now sell a comprehensive range of everyday eco essentials such as solid shampoo, hair conditioner, soap, amongst other personal cleaning and home cleaning products. All plastic and palm oil free!

Lots of Eco-friendly items for sale at Voyage

As a certain supermarket used to say "Every Little Helps!"  Checkout 


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