Christmas in Indonesia!

Christmas in Indonesia!

Despite being a Muslim country, Christmas is a popular festival in Indonesia and is celebrated with fun and devotion. Only about 5% of the population is Christian, but Christmas is a public holiday in Indonesia and is celebrated by its people of different religions.

At the beginning of December people decorate Christmas trees with strings of popcorn and lights. All the shopping malls and departmental stores are decorated. It is advisable to shop well in advance for Christmas in Indonesia as stocks run out.  Christmas celebrations are held in almost all the schools and colleges. Christmas carols are sung by children and gifts are presented to them by Santa.

Christmas in Indonesia!
2 Children being given Christmas presents. © Image Copyright: Compassion Blog

Children also give presents themselves: they take gifts to children less fortunate than themselves in orphanages.  Christmas stockings and the exchanging of presents are very popular traditions.  Some people even go to church!

Make Christmas in Indonesia! 
Merry Christmas

SELAMAT HARI NATAL! (Merry Christmas!)


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