Fair Trade Countries

Photo of Tribesmen, women and Children in Kargi, Kenya

Tribesmen, women and Children in Kargi, Kenya

Photo taken from Ian Macharia

We does Voyage trade with fair trade nations?

One of our company’s goals is to continually improve the lives of people that are struggling or in worse off conditions than our own. So Voyage Fair Trade partnered with some fair trade companies & other organisations around the world, to give artisans & their families a fair chance to lead a normal life. Another important reason why we buy from nations and organisations like these is because they are a lot more eco-friendly adhering to strict, friendly policies and of course to mention they have been handmade with love. :)

Fair Trade Countries

Countries we trade with are displayed below, click to read more about them:

There are three other countries Voyage trade with ethically:

  • Peru
  • Samoa
  • Thailand
  • UK

As well as partnering with third world countries, we also trade with local artisans living in the UK. We always work with wood turners, potters and artists who love their work and are highly skilled. We adopt a fair trade ethos, as we live a capitalist society. So, sadly, there is a charge  to help them compete against big company.


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