International Women's Day at Voyage Fair Trade

International Women's Day at Voyage Fair Trade

This is a very important day to celebrate – Women are powerful, strong, empowered and beautiful.

When I grew up and was in school, I did not learn much about famous historical women or movements. This is something I only recently came to think of, it is sad as there have been and are brilliant famous and important women out there such as Maya Angelou, Marie Curie and Rosa Parks, and many more. They are women who fought for their freedom, their rights and left a mark in history.  

Rosa Parks

However, women's equality and rights are something that has changed over the years, and it is growing bigger and bigger every year. It is fantastic to see how both men and women are getting together to reach the same goals, for the world to be gender-equal.  

We support a great organisation who is fair trade and is run by women. Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association Limited or UWEAL was established in 1987 by four visionary women when the idea of women in business was considered taboo in Uganda. They set out the change perception and set up in place platform to promote women in Uganda and network with other women in business globally.  

UWEAL has spearheaded the transformation of the landscape that gives women in business a voice to showcase that women are as capable to start and run a business as much as men. The association is currently firmly placed in the private sector to assist and provide the necessary support and guidance to women in business and to advocate for favourable policies through which women entrepreneurs can flourish.  

We sell these funky necklaces from this organisation in our shop and online, the money goes to help women in Uganda.


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