Indian Travels: The Day of the Orange Turbans

Indian Travels: The Day of the Orange Turbans

Indian Travels Day 7: The day of the orange turbans

Today was such a slow and peaceful day, the slowest and most peaceful by far! Escaping the pandemonium of the city! We both slept like logs and had a lie in to catch up with sleep. After booking the next hotel, (which took forever due to rubbish wi-fi) we went to Harmandir Sahib also known as the Golden Temple. Outside we had to take our shoes off and put on bright orange turbans.

Inside was a square with buildings that were all white – they were around a small lake and in the middle was the Golden Temple. It seemed like it was floating and looked beautiful beyond words. Connecting the temple and the square was a passage way with a huge queue of people. There were Sikhs all around, just praying on the floor and, as the lake is holy, Sikhs were bathing in it.

Together with the music it was a very powerful experience. As we were leaving, two girls aged about 6 approached us and said ‘Hello, pleased to meet you’ and wanted to shake hands. Then another young girl and a man shook my hand – it was a lovely experience. We decided to go back to the temple again at night. This time you could appreciate the architecture more due to the floodlights. There were more people and the temple’s reflection on the lake was an amazing sight.

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