Indian Travels: The Day of the Train Journey

Indian Travels: The Day of the Train Journey

Indian Travels Day 5: The Train Journey

We had to get up early for this one around 5am! We caught the train to Moradabad outside of Delhi, which is home of Noah’s Ark. The third fair trade organisation we arranged to meet. We managed to find seats, but they were really hard and uncomfortable. It turned out we might have been in the wrong seats as halfway through the journey a family joined us and a young child lay down beside me with his head on my leg. Later I ordered some food, I have no idea why as I was going to eat a curry above a boy’s sleeping head on my leg below and sure enough when I was handed it, I dropped it! Somehow the food missed the children’s head, but in trying to get the food to avoid him it  caused him to fall off his seat! However, somehow his mother caught him!

We finally arrived at Noah’s Ark – after yet another taxi driver incident! The driver was driving us around in circles, stopping to ask people the way, even though he had said he knew how to get us there as quick as possible.  Dad again lost his rag and there followed a big scene in front of the people in charge Noah’s Ark who had come out to welcome us – very embarrassing!

We were introduced to Samuel, the founder of Noah’s Ark who gave us coffee and then asked his son to show us samples. The display room, shown below, was massive with so many eco-friendly, recycled samples of products to take in.

Noah’s Ark display room

They then brought us lunch (take away) and then drove us to visit some artisans who were wielding bike chain signs – it was great to see something being made that Voyage Fair Trade actually sells and to see for ourselves that it was being produced under Fair trade conditions.


 After that they found a hotel for us and a taxi took us they. We then collapsed into our beds after another exhausting and breath-taking day! To continue reading about our Indian travels, the day of the sim card click here or find out about our previous day visit: The day of another taxi incident.


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