New Eco-Friendly & Fair Trade Shop In Teignmouth!

New Eco-Friendly & Fair Trade Shop In Teignmouth!

After rain comes the sun - We are so grateful for all the support we have been given so far, we would not be able to open our new fair trade shop on 1 Wellington Street in Teignmouth without our lovely customers! This year has been a struggle for many businesses around the world, keep supporting your local shops and remember to be kind and patient, it is a stressful time for most staff! 

We have kept ourselves very busy over the last few months, preparing the new shop(it needed a lot of DIY work) so that it will look fresh and new when we are ready to welcome you all! We are hoping that the new sign will be up shortly so that we can open within a couple of weeks. We will keep you updated on our social media

We have lots of new stock ready for the new shop, my top favourites so far is this fabulous set of teapot/cups, and these cute soothing oil burners. Perfect for those cosy summer evenings when you need to distress and focus on the inner you. It is important to remember, especially during these difficult times to take care of yourself. This could be to do meditation, yoga, or just cuddle up on the sofa and watch your favourite movie(maybe with a warming cup of tea with our new tea set)! Anything that gives you peace and happiness. 




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