The Final Day of Exploring India

The Final Day of Exploring India

Indian Travels – Day 18: The Final Day of Exploring India

Unfortunately my Dad wasn’t feeling well, his Delhi Belly came back with vengeance! So I explored the lake of Polehara. A 44 year old man approached me, offering me a boat ride and then some drugs! NO THANK YOU! However, I wanted a coffee so we sat talking, I liked this guy and we got on well – he was a genuine guy. His name was Santos. A shame that he had to resort to selling drugs to make a living. So I decided I will go on the boat ride with him I paid him 500 Nepalese Rupee, which was about £3.00.Before we went, he stopped and said he would need 375 Rupee for the boat. Straight away I knew he was conning me and he was going to add this on to the original 500, I felt sorry for him and besides it was worth the money to explore this beautiful lake! So I said nothing.

The Final Day of Exploring India

He was not a good driver where he was banging into the rocks and swaying the boat side to side. There was a lovely small temple on a small island, which we stopped at. However, everyone on the lake wanted to see the building so all you could hear was people talking and were unable to take in the special scenery.

The Final Day of Exploring India

On the way back he got completely wedged in between 2 rocks and didn’t know what to do. I thought about the possibility due to me falling in the lake several times I will only pay him the 375 Rupee for the boat. Then he started trying a bit harder! As it was shallow waters he stepped on the rocks trying to push the boat away, however, he still not get us away. I would have helped, but I knew I would fall in. Luckily a boy was near by and the man asked him to help, in which he did. They manage to get it moored on the beach (however still in the water) I had to walk in the water when I stepped out my phone fell out….lucky it was just my case and the phone had somehow disconnected from it! Maybe a bit harsh of me I decided to pay him just 375 Rupee. I found myself telling him off in front of the public, saying he should told me about the boat fee in advance and never do it again to anyone! After reminding him about that as I was told it would only be 500 rupee at the beginning he accepted. I wonder if a 26 year old told him to do that before lol. A bit too harsh of me.

Then Karma took place when I got lost for over an hour! It took me ages to get back to the hotel! When I got back I discovered Dad was still in bed, but feeling better. So we just chilled out for the rest of the day. Tomorrow is the end of my Indian travels we would see Mount Everest in a plane and then get a plane to Bali in Indonesia.

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