Why Typhoon Haiyan is the Perfect Argument for Fair Trade

Why Typhoon Haiyan is the Perfect Argument for Fair Trade

What has happened in the Philippines has been a terrible catastrophe. Typhoon Haiyan hit with gusts of wind up to 195mph (315km/h) and waves as high as 15m (45ft). It is thought that 11 million people have been affected in some way. Hundreds of thousands are now homeless; with possibly over ten thousand dead.



It is fantastic that the world is responding in such a positive way. But typhoons are a frequent occurrence in this part of the world with up to 19 cyclones reaching landfall every year.  With Haiyan, it has destroyed the infrastructure, including homes, schools, hospitals and factories. As few people have disposable incomes and savings, they have been left with nothing.

If Fairtrade was a more intrinsic part of the Philippine economy, it would raise living standards and there would be more long-term growth to help the general population have a better quality of life.  It would also help the government provide infrastructure and storm defences to protect the population, allowing the economy to rapidly recover from natural disasters such as Haiyan.

At Voyage Fairtrade we have decided to donate 10p in every pound spent on our website. Voyage will do this for a month.  We will give the money raised to the D.E.C (Disasters Emergency Committee) www.dec.org.uk.  Please help us and the Philippines by visiting our shop this Christmas.


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