Nepal and The Spiny Babbler

Nepal and The Spiny Babbler


Nepal and The Spiny Babbler

Following on from our blog about the Madagascan Aye-Aye, we continue our search for animals and birds with fabulous names! Now we have found the wonderful Spiny Babbler! The Spiny Babbler is the only bird species among over 900 species that is endemic to Nepal. It’s found only in the middle hills of Nepal and specifically close to the city of Lalitpur. Is it spiny? Is it a babbler? Well, it seems yes to both questions. It is known locally as the Kande Bhyakur , which literally translates as “thorny bird”. This implies it is pretty spiky and spiny and from the photos we have seen this is borne out. Does it babble? Listen and judge for yourself with a video on Youtube by karnataka wildlife Apparently, it mimics the sounds of other birds and its call is rich and varied.

Alongside the Spiny Babbler live and work some of our favourite artisans.

Nepalese Female Worker Photo by Rafael Saes on Unsplash

All our Nepalese products are made by hand in small workshops or in private homes dotted around this fascinating bird’s habitat. The artisans often work with felt made form 100% wool which is imported from Australia and New Zealand, then felted and dyed in Kathmandu. Have a look at the wonderful hats, scarves, bags and gifts they make.




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