Struggling to buy for a Man? We have some great ideas!

What to buy a man!

We now know why it can be so difficult to buy for a Dad, male relative, friend or men in general; for Birthday or Christmas gifts!

Have you always found it hard to buy a present for your dad? I know I always have! With me it has always been so hard to buy a gift for him, not just for me, but for my sisters, brother, and my mum!

I recently discovered something fascinating about men and their self-worth in our society. It turns out that many men, including myself, have been socialized to find their value in taking care of women and children. Can you believe it? Now, here's the interesting part: this socialisation can sometimes make it difficult for men to fully embrace their playful side and experience pure pleasure for themselves. They often feel more comfortable engaging in activities that are seen as productive, like playing games with their kids. So, when it comes to buying gifts for men, people tend to opt for items that are practical and reinforce their sense of self-worth. For instance, you might see men receiving gifts like lawn equipment or tools to help them maintain their homes. Ties and coffee mugs are also popular choices, symbolizing their role as providers outside the home. It's all about acknowledging their responsibilities and supporting their self-perception.

What to buy a man for a gift?

I stumbled upon these fascinating insights while I hearing about the research "Hidden in Plain Sight: How Men's Fears of Women Shape Their Intimate Relationships" by Weiss (2021). Such an eye-opening read! But here's the exciting news: this year, when you're pondering what to buy for your dad, family member, or male friend, consider giving him the opportunity to expand his capacity for pleasure and play.

We have a wide range of unique items available, including fair trade gifts, ethical gifts, and eco-friendly gifts for him. They're perfect for any man and are guaranteed to bring him joy and fun. So, let's break those stereotypes and show the men in our lives that they deserve some pure, unadulterated pleasure and delight. Time to think outside the box and give them something truly special!


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