Fair Trade & Ethical Food and Drink: 3 Recipes for Global Goodness

Fair Trade & Ethical Food and Drink: 3 Recipes for Global Goodness

Fair Trade & Ethical Food


While fair frade an ethical food is commonly associated with coffee and cocoa, its impact extends well beyond your morning brew or favorite chocolate bar.

The choices we make in our kitchens can play a pivotal role, as well cannot get everything fair trade, we can buy those more natural and ethical ingredients from our for example, our local fair shop, which is after all healther and 9 times out of 10 will taste better in the long term.

In advancing ethical practices, promoting sustainability, and improving the lives of farmers and artisans worldwide. In this educational blog post, we'll delve into why food and drink are central to the Fair Trade movement and present three delectable dinner recipes, each crafted with Fair Trade or ethical ingredients.

One of these recipes will require the use of a pestle and mortar, and we'll also discuss the value of a kitchen server set in enhancing your dining experience.

The Significance of Fair Trade in Food and Drink:

A Indian Lady Farming Fair Trade Food
Photo by Nandhu Kumar on Unsplash
  1. Empowering Communities:

  • Fair Trade ensures that farmers and producers receive fair compensation for their hard work, helping them support their families and invest in their communities.
  1. Sustainability Matters:

  • Fair Trade encourages eco-friendly farming practices, which protect the environment, preserve biodiversity, and reduce the impact of agriculture on our planet.
  1. Promoting Ethical Practices:

  • By choosing Fair Trade, you actively participate in a movement that values ethical labor practices, transparency, and accountability.

    Now, let's dive into three delightful Fair Trade dinner recipes:

    Cooking lovely fairtrade food

    1. Fair Trade Basil Pesto Pasta (Using Pestle and Mortar)



    1. Pesto Preparation:

      • In a pestle and mortar, combine Fair Trade basil leaves, Fair Trade pine nuts, Fair Trade garlic cloves, and a drizzle of Fair Trade extra virgin olive oil.
      • Grind and blend until you achieve a creamy consistency.
    2. Pasta Cooking:

      • Cook Fair Trade pasta according to package instructions.
      • Drain and set aside.
    3. Final Assembly:

      • Toss the cooked pasta with your homemade Fair Trade basil pesto.
      • Top with grated Fair Trade Parmesan cheese.

    2. Fair Trade Vegetable Stir-Fry



    1. Rice/Noodles Preparation:
    • Cook Fair Trade rice or noodles according to package instructions.
    • Drain and set aside.

         2. Stir-Fry Creation:

    • In a pan, stir-fry a colorful mix of the ethical vegetables with minced Fair Trade ginger and garlic.
    • Add a dash of Fair Trade soy sauce for flavor.

          3.Final Touch:

    • Serve your Fair Trade vegetable stir-fry over the cooked rice or noodles.

    Fair Trade Spiced Chickpea Curry



    1. Rice Preparation:

      • Cook Fair Trade rice according to package instructions.
      • Set aside.
    2. Chickpea Curry Cooking:

      • In a pot, simmer Fair Trade chickpeas and canned tomatoes with a blend of Fair Trade curry spices.
      • Stir in Fair Trade coconut milk for creaminess.
    3. Serving Suggestion:

      • Serve your Fair Trade spiced chickpea curry over rice.


    The really practical role of using our new kitchen server set:

    A kitchen server set can elevate your dining experience by adding a touch of elegance and functionality to your Fair Trade feasts. Whether it's serving pasta, stir-fry, or curry, a well-designed server set can make your dinner table more inviting and appealing. Opt for Fair Trade or ethically sourced kitchen server sets to align with your commitment to ethical dining.

    In conclusion, Fair Trade food and drink choices matter more than ever. By selecting Fair Trade ingredients and trying out these delicious recipes, you actively contribute to a more just and sustainable world, one meal at a time. Let's continue to celebrate the power of ethical dining and make a positive impact on our planet and its communities.


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