The Benefits of Ethical & Eco-Friendly Shopping

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 We are now sadly in lockdown number 2. During this time of uncertainty and hardship, artists and artisans all around need your continued support. Our online store will remain open for business, we are now offering a Click & Collect service to do our best to make it more convenient for our wonderful customers, for more information please read the poster below. We also offer free local deliveries!  

In this blog post, I will be focusing on eco-friendliness and the benefits of ethical and eco-friendly shopping. 

I recently saw a post on Instagram that said “Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world”. This made me think of how many times I hear some people say how they don’t think it matters if they don’t bring the reusable shopping bag with them to the shop, as they only need one plastic bag for their groceries.  
Yes, It does matter! Imagine if we all did remember to bring our reusable shopping bags to the shop, the shops wouldn’t need to stock up many, perhaps not any single-use plastic bags at all.  

I think it is so important to try to encourage friends and family to do at least one small act, it could be to ride the bicycle to work once a week instead of driving, or buy more plastic-free packaged vegetables, or remember to bring your reusable takeaway cup to work. We have some fabulous takeaway cups to view here. If you are looking for gifts in general you can visit a very good list of many giftshop

I love finding new products and discover ways of being more eco-friendly. One of my favourite things to do is to find upcycled items. I can spend hours searching on the internet for beautiful upcycled furniture, or even furniture that I can paint myself. Click here to view more pictures of this adorable jewellery cabinet upcycled by talented local UK crafter Karen James.  

5 reasons for buying eco-friendly products:  

  • You are helping the environment, and you will feel good about it. 
  • It is more personal!  
  • They can improve your health by being all-natural and biodegradable. 
  •  Many eco-friendly products are manufactured by Fair Trade artisans from local organisations. To read about a few Fair Trade artisans that we trade with visit us at Voyage Fair Trade Artisans.
  • It can save money, they often last longer than non-eco-friendly products since they are made by well-made or recycled materials. 

Voyage Fair Trade Artisans

We would like to thank our amazing customers for all the incredible support we already have received during this lockdown. We will beat this together! Stay safe and we will see you in December.  


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