Start a Career as a Digital Marketing Apprentice

Start a Career as a Digital Marketing Apprentice

Sometimes all we need is a fresh start...  
For those who don’t know who I am, my name is Sandra and I moved over from Sweden 6 years ago. During my time in the “bright and always sunny” county Devon I have worked in hospitality for a long time, but after some time I fancied a career change, and here I am now writing my first blog content in English. 

I am thrilled to have started my Digital Marketing Apprenticeship here at Voyage Fair Trade. We are so lucky to have an opportunity like this in the UK for those who don’t have the time to go to university, or who can’t afford it, or just fancy a different way to make their career change and want to earn a living wage at the same time. 

Sandra by Voyage Fair Trade Store

It is amazing to work for a company that wants to help me do what I’m passionate about, and even better, a business that has its main focus on helping countries in poverty so that they can make a wage they can live on.  

I’m getting close to my first month at Voyage Fair Trade. It has been a very interesting and exciting month. I’m learning so many new tasks in terms of Digital Marketing with the help given by the owner Sam and Exeter College, but it is also fascinating to be learning more about Fair Trade and the businesses we trade with around the world. 

To live an ethical life has always been close to my heart and is something I try to do as much as I can, which is one of the reasons why this work placement is perfectly suited for me. Sam and his mother made me feel very welcomed. I was worried that I would struggle to find a company that would give me the chance to prove what I can do, since a big part of Marketing is to write content. Although I am a Swedish woman who still has some English words and grammar to learn, there is no discrimination at all which is wonderful to experience. 

I want to talk a bit about changing careers in the hope of maybe helping someone else, especially since I know a lot of people are going through a rough time during Covid-19.  
It is a scary time to be thinking about getting a new job, but it is far from being impossible! It may take longer than it usually would with everything going on, but that is okay.  Be kind to yourself and keep your mind open for new possibilities, don’t be afraid of doing something new. I would highly recommend looking into an apprenticeship if that would interest you. Trust me, it is not only for young students. I’m 28 years old and thought I would be the oldest person on the course, but I am certainly not!


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