The Day of Pleasant Surprise

The Day of Pleasant Surprise

India Travels Day 13: The Day of the Pleasant Surprise

We went to explore Jodhpur and I was pleasantly surprised as it was a great, beautiful place! Also, even though I knew Jodhpur was the blue city of India it still takes your breath away. We visited the main fort, a temple with a peaceful lake and the Mahamandir temple.

The pleasant surprise was that we had no idea there was a lake behind the fort where we got to see at sunset. It was a really peaceful setting and made the back of the fort and lake golden. Sadly we didn’t have enough time to spend there as we had arranged with our driver to be back at a certain time.

As we waited for our overnight train to Mumbai, we Skyped everyone sitting up on the roof, with the fort looking magnificent in the background and camels resting below!  Then we set off to Mumbai.

Read more about our travels: either about our previous day, riding a bumpy bus ride, where we arrived in Jodhpur! –  or read about our next day – traveling to the west coast in India; Mumbai.


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