The Day of the Fun, Bumpy Bus Ride

The Day of the Fun, Bumpy Bus Ride

India Travels Day 12: The Day of the Fun Bumpy Bus Ride

We had to buy a new ticket to get to Jodhpur, also known as the blue city. Leaving from Jaipur meant we would go through such a transformation! From the pink city – Jaipur – to the blue city: Jodhpur.

Unfortunately we had lost a day (thanks to Dad feeling the strain of backpacking in India!). However our hotel owner kindly bought a bus ticket for us as a thank you for UK foreigners staying his hotel! People in India can be so kind! I think that was due to the fact I had had a conversation earlier with his younger brother about my business, website etc so the owner wanted to stay a bit longer to talk about it. So we did and he said he could put me in contact with people who could help with the website. He also does photo metrics which could be useful. We left it that we would stay in contact.

Travelling in the bus wasn’t as bad as we feared it might be compared to the trains, but as pilling onto it we knew this rickety old bus had seen better days. With the roads being be bumpy and uneven, it was sure to be a wild and exhilarating ride. My Dad loved it and was laughing due to reminding him of a ride he once had on the roller coaster! We went through many different villages and communities and every time we stopped, children tried selling us food and water. I bought some water – the date expired in January… two months ago :(! It is times like this when I know of the struggling in the poorer areas underdeveloped countries and the positivity Voyage and change fair trade can make. Local economies and communities developing faster - that is why I love doing this type of business. You can explore and buy all the fair trade and ethical Indian products we sell here.

Finally what felt like a whole 12 hour work day, we arrived at Jodhpur! After getting off the bus and felling slightly dizzy we managed to get on a tuck-tuck, the iconic Indian taxi, to take us to our cheap hotel. When we got out we saw Fabiana in front of us! What a small world! Dad invited her for a drink and we exchanged email addresses, after a surprisingly chilled out evening (Compared to the normal hyperactivity of India).

You can read more about our travels: either about our previous day, the amazing day of the exploring the Rajasthan desert and having a beer at sunset! –  or read about our next day – the day of the pleasant surprise in Jodhpur!


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