Trading and Thriving in Teignmouth: A Tale of Family, Community & Opportunity

Trading and Thriving in Teignmouth: A Tale of Family, Community & Opportunity

Teignmouth: A picturesque coastal town: the 'Gem of South Devon'!

The mention of this charming place conjures up images of an attractive traditional seaside town and quaint Victorian architecture. But for me, Teignmouth is not just a scenic spot; it's a place where trading has found its heart, and where my family has discovered the joys of a close-knit community. Join me on a journey through the streets of Teignmouth and also explore why I feel lucky to call this place home.

Starting the Day with a Breathtaking 5K Run

Running in the morning


Picture this: it's 6:30 am - still quite dark at this time of year. That's when I embark on my daily ritual, a 5K run that takes me through the top of this tranquil town. Running along the seafront would be easier - too many hills on my route, but great exercise! I know Ailsa loves it, so I stick with it.  



A Family-Friendly Paradise: Teignmouth and my kids

Teignmouth Back Beach

After my morning run, I return home to the two little treasures in my life—my 1-year-old boy, Leo, and my 3-year-old girl, Isabella. Teignmouth is a great place to bring up kids and I couldn't ask for a better place to watch them grow.

One of the greatest things of raising my children in Teignmouth is the strong sense of community. It's heartwarming to see townsfolk who genuinely care about one another, always ready with a friendly smile or a helping hand. In Teignmouth, my children are not just growing up in a town; they are growing up in an extended family.

The town's coastal location adds to the magic. We often spend our weekends beachcombing, sandcastle building, and splashing in the waves. The abundance of family-friendly activities, including art workshops, the new playpark, music festivals,and many varied events ensure that Leo and Isabella are always engaged and entertained.

Teignmouth's Historical Tapestry: A Glimpse into the Past

Teignmouth has an interesting history as I've been finding out... A few facts: It was the second only to Dartmouth as a thriving port in the 14th century; it was the last place in England to be invaded by a foreign power - the French in 1690; the tragic sailor Donald Crowhurst who faked his route in the Sunday Times Golden Globe race left (and planned to return to) Teignmouth.

Teignmouth's connection to the renowned poet John Keats is a point of pride. In 1818, Keats penned his famous poem "Teignmouth" while inspired by the town's natural beauty. This literary legacy lends an air of magic to Teignmouth, reminding us that art and inspiration have always thrived in this place.

Teignmouth Art Galleries: My Creative Haven

Voyage Art Galleries

As a trader with a passion for the arts, I am privileged to have my gallery, Voyage Art Galleries, located in the heart of the Teignmouth Riverbeach and Arts Quarter. 

Here, I have the opportunity to showcase local talent and contribute to the artistic tapestry of this town. The Arts Quarter is a hub of creativity, with artists, artisans, and enthusiasts who breathe life into the streets with their work. It's an environment that continually inspires me and reminds me of the immense potential that Teignmouth holds.

Voyage Fair Trade: A Commitment to Ethical Commerce

Outside Voyage Fair Trade Shop

Just a few minutes away, in the Triangle, you'll find my second establishment, Voyage Fair Trade. Teignmouth embraces ethical and sustainable trade practices, making it the ideal home for such a venture.

Here, I am part of a community that believes in doing good for the world through responsible commerce. Voyage Fair Trade allows me to contribute to a global network of artisans, ensuring that their crafts reach appreciative hands while getting fairly paid.

The Lucky Trader's Verdict

The Vredict on Teignmouth

In conclusion, Teignmouth is not just a place of business for me; it's a place where my family and I have found balance and fulfillment. The town's stunning natural beauty, rich history, and tight-knit community have made it a true home for us.

As I continue to trade in the heart of Teignmouth, I can't help but feel immensely lucky. Lucky for the opportunity to start my day with a seafront run, lucky for the smiles and laughter of my children, and lucky for the privilege of contributing to a town that holds a special place in so many hearts.

Teignmouth, with its timeless appeal and unwavering spirit, is a place where luck meets opportunity, where dreams take shape, and where families like mine find their home. Whether you're a trader, an artist, or simply someone seeking a welcoming community, Teignmouth awaits you with open arms. Come, discover the magic of this coastal paradise for yourself, and you'll understand why we are truly lucky to be a part of the Teignmouth story.


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