Voyage Raises Money for Epilepsy Research!

Sam Birtwistle & Mos Shaw raise money for Epilepsy Research UK

Voyage Raises Money for Epilepsy Research UK!

A canvas painting by a Teignmouth artist of Zachary the zebra, is being auctioned for charity. Mos Shaw, who had a studio in Northumberland Place in 2017, and has been cheering up the area with murals of the zebra, to go with the other street art he has created.

Zachary the Zebra outside Voyage Fair Trade

A model of Zachary has been on display in the nearby Voyage Fair Trade shop of Sam Birtwistle, who commissioned Mos to paint the cute animal on canvas so he can auction it in aid of the Epilepsy Research UK charity. Sam suffers from the condition himself, and said: ‘Epilepsy is uncontrolled, and of course care is important, but ultimately research will be the thing that makes a huge difference to the half a million sufferers in the UK.

"My epilepsy is something that motivates me to achieve success and I know a number of people have said I have inspired them. It’s great boost to hear that, and I hope to inspire even more to succeed at whatever they want to do, despite their disability."


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