The day of Drinking a Beer in the Desert!

Sunset in the Desert Rajasthan, India

Indian Travels Day 11: The Day Of Drinking Beer in the Desert!

We had a slow start as we had to wait until 3pm for the Grand Camel Safari  We had this tour guide called Peeru who was a nice guy. He drove us to this town; it was completely empty and falling apart. I was standing in a building looking out of the window and for a split second, all sound stopped. No voice of any kind and no wind. It was incredibly peaceful.


Once this town was prosperous, Peeru told us. Then the king wanted to marry the mayor’s daughter. The mayor was against this and would not allow it, so the king threatened to slit the mayor’s throat.  So the mayor evacuated the whole town and no one ever knew where they had gone. The town has been empty for 300 years!

After visiting the town and hearing the story, we were taken to our camels.  They said mine was called Michael Jackson. I couldn’t believe it I love Michael Jackson, I named my dog, Jackson, after him! I had to kick as high as possible to get my leg over – I was surprised I didn’t fall!  The rider joined me and we were away!

Michael Jackson was hungry and kept chomping at dead-looking plants. The ride was like a slow mini-rollercoaster: up & down, up & down.  Everything was a great experience, but not so comfortable in the groin area!  Seeing the sand dunes was so magical; it felt like I was in a movie, an unreal feeling.

After the ride, we were then left on the sand dunes to enjoy the sunset with a (sadly, warm) beer. It was cloudy, but we still saw a fantastically beautiful setting sun. Peeru was with us and you could hear other people a short distance away. I wish it had been pure silence and I had been by myself or just with my Dad, then it would have been probably the most perfect experience ever!

Sunset over the Thar Desert.

Then we drove to a campsite where drums were beaten and flowers thrown over us when we entered. We sat on the ground in a circle in the centre of the camp and while listening to traditional Rajasthani music and watching talented belly dancers.

We were offered more food and drink.  It was perfect!  As we listened, ate and watched the performance, I said to Dad, raising my glass, “Let’s drink a toast to the success of Voyage”.  It felt like such a special moment especially with my Dad. Then after performance, Peeru took us to the hotel and we fell asleep.

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