The Day Of The Delhi Belly!

The Day Of The Delhi Belly!

Indian Travels Day 10: The Day Of The Delhi Belly!

On the sleeper train to Jaisalmer I was woken by loud voices. It turned out it was a woman from Latin America talking to Dad about me, he would not tell me what he saying about me, probably the fact that I sleep too much, which I know he hates that about me! Anyway, she was a nice person to talk to, just loves India, travelling around the country and spending all her money on it.

When we got to Jaisalmer, we had a pleasant surprise – a car was there to drive us to our hotel. At the hotel we had a complimentary tea on the rooftop which was great. The view sadly though, looks like a war zone from the Middle East!

Both of us were whacked, due to us not sleeping well on the bumpy Sleeper Train! So we slept for a couple of hours and when we woke up there was bad news! My father had come down with the dreaded Delhi Belly! He stayed in the room the rest of the day (near the toilet)! This was particularly annoying for both of us as the end of the today was supposed to be the day of the ‘Grand Camel Safari’ in the Rajasthani Desert, luckily we have another chance tomorrow. Instead I went out for a short walk to get some fresh air, needed it! at the hotel restaurant and to watch a Bollywood film called OMG (Oh My God), which was a shopkeeper takes God to court when his shop is destroyed by an earthquake!

After this I went up to the rooftop restaurant for dinner. (My Dad was still being sick at the time). Mainly eating cheese Nan Bread, officially my favourite food in India, which I feel bad for as there is much tastier and exciting foods out there especially in India!

Photograph and copyright owned by 196 Flavors

A great part of the rest of the day was spent skyping a friend in Hong Kong (Globalisation is great, isn’t it!). After trying to find some travel tickets for about an hour, eventually found under my bed. I was so whacked so rested on the rooftop for the rest of the day.

Sleeping on the rooftops of Jasilmer!

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