The Day of the Bamboo Scaffolding

The Day of the Bamboo Scaffolding

Indian Travels Day 9: The Day of the Bamboo Scaffolding

When me and my Dad, Vic, woke up we noticed in the window opposite our hotel was a multi storey building with bamboo scaffolding all around it. Dad just couldn’t stop laughing, I’d never seen him laughing so much in my life. It was due to fact my dad has worked all his life on building sites and D.I.Y (Do it yourself) and so used to health and safety being a top priority and only knew of steel scaffolding – never made from Bamboo!

We decided to walk into Jaipur.  We passed a much richer private area for the first time. Later we came across a market – surprisingly it was a bit boring and quiet, just clothes and scarfs. We then went to the city palace which was amazing, nice and posh, but compared to the Taj Mahal nothing special! Then we were driven to the floating temple in the middle of a lake, with lush hills in the background – breathtaking!

We asked to go back to the hotel, but somehow ended up with some elephants!  We really wanted to have an elephant ride!  However, we couldn’t  as they had just eaten and apparently they do not like walking when they have just been fed!

After this, the driver took us to his mate’s business.  He sold silk and wool scarfs and paintings.  I was quite interested in the paintings.  They were saying they were involved with Fair trade (?!)  I didn’t take the guy’s number and found out later it was a scam and an unreliable business.

Tonight we are off to Jasilmer on our first sleeper train!

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